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‘Star Wars’ Fan Turns ‘Monster High’ Figure into Ahsoka Doll

'Star Wars' fan Nerdy Capybara celebrates May the 4th by crafting her own Ahsoka Tano doll.

How do Star Wars fans celebrate May the 4th? Some create stunning fan art, some cosplay as their favourite character… and others, such as DIY enthusiast Emily (Nerdy Capybara), create their own custom Ahsoka Tano dolls!

For her May the 4th project, Emily took a Monster High Cleo de Nile fashion doll and transformed her into a Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka figure. The entire process has been documented in the video below and as you will see, Emily spared no effort to achieve her goal.

Emily handcrafted Ahsoka’s grey dress, leggings, and sleeves out of swimsuit material, adapted the doll’s shoes to resemble Ahsoka’s armoured boots, sculpted Ahsoka’s armour and diadem out of Apoxie Sculpt and Worbla thermoplastic, meticulously repainted the doll’s face and body to match Ahsoka’s skin colour and facial markings, and made the Togruta’s montrals and lekku out of flexible, rubbery Silk Clay.

I won’t spoil anything for you but I think you will get a kick out of Emily’s paint colour names. Paint colour “SW-0001” was a particular favourite of mine.  ^_^

If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out the rest of Emily’s crafty creations over on her YouTube channel or follow her on Instagram, @nerdy_capybara, to learn more about her upcoming projects.


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