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The “30 Days of Ahsoka Tano” Challenge

Celebrate your love for Ahsoka Tano by taking part in our 30-day Twitter challenge!

Looking for a fun way to celebrate your love for all things Ahsoka? Well, on June 1, I will be launching a 30-day Twitter challenge devoted to our beloved Snips over on the site’s Twitter account, @AllThingsAhsoka!

Daily prompts will be posted on Twitter starting from June 1, but if you need any extra time to prepare your answers or you would rather post your replies on a different social media platform, you can find all 30 prompts listed below.

30-Day Ahsoka Tano challenge


  1. Favourite version of Ahsoka.
  2. First impressions of Ahsoka.
  3. Favourite moment from The Clone Wars S1-S6.
  4. Favourite moment from The Clone Wars S7.
  5. Favourite moment from Star Wars Rebels.
  6. Favourite moment from The Mandalorian or Forces of Destiny.
  7. All-time favourite Ahsoka scene.
  8. Favourite outfit.
  9. Favourite duel or fight scene.
  10. Favourite quote.
  11. Favourite book or comic (canon or Legends).
  12. Favourite friendship.
  13. Favourite rivalry.
  14. Favourite Ahsoka + Anakin scene.
  15. Favourite Ahsoka + Rex scene.
  16. Favourite Ahsoka + Padmé  scene.
  17. Favourite Ahsoka + Obi-Wan scene.
  18. Favourite lightsabers.
  19. Favourite concept art.
  20. Favourite poster or promotional art.
  21. Favourite deleted or unseen scene.
  22. Describe Ahsoka in three words.
  23. Have you met Ashley Eckstein?
  24. Have you ever cosplayed as Ahsoka?
  25. Have you attended any Ahsoka fan events?
  26. Favourite meme or parody.
  27. Favourite GIF.
  28. Do you have an Ahsoka collection?
  29. Favourite piece of Ahsoka merchandise.
  30. What does Ahsoka mean to you?

If you missed the official start date or you feel you can’t commit to daily posts, do not fret. You’re welcome to complete the challenge whenever – and however – it suits you. Feel free to download the graphic and post your replies on social media at your own leisure.

And don’t forget to use the hashtag #30DaysAhsoka if you would like me to find and share your posts on Twitter!


Looking for even more Ahsoka Tano fan art, cosplay photos, opinion pieces, memes, and merchandise tips? Then come find me over on Twitter, @AllThingsAhsoka!
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