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All Good Things Come to an End…

An official announcement about the future of All Things Ahsoka

In case people hadn’t realised it by now or had missed my announcements on social media, I made the decision some time ago to stop updating All Things Ahsoka and its social media accounts. But since the last article I published on here was an advertisement for a Lego playset, I thought it would be useful to post an official announcement about this site’s future for those who weren’t already aware of my decision.

Yes, All Things Ahsoka is no more. There were several reasons why I decided to call it a day. It was mostly due to a lack of free time and motivation, but fandom was another major factor in my decision. It’s a lot harder to attend conventions or interview celebrities when you’re thousands of miles away from them and you feel way less compelled to promote Ahsoka Tano merchandise on your site when there’s a near zero chance of ever finding it on this side of the Atlantic. Plus, I’m just not ready to handle fan reactions to the upcoming Ahsoka series and its cast members.

Ahsoka Tano leaves
All good things come to an end.

While this is the end for All Things Ahsoka, I’m still fairly active on “Star Wars Twitter” and I’m still eager to see what the future has in store for our beloved Togruta. I’ll also be in London next year for Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, so maybe I’ll bump into some of you there!

And if you’re a fan of the Tomb Raider game series and spin-off media, you may want to visit my site, Tomb Raider Horizons, where I combine my love for the franchise with my own personal interests in archaeology, art, and travel.

Tomb Raider Horizons banner
Feel free to check out my other site, Tomb Raider Horizons, which will be celebrating its tenth anniversary in March 2023!

So thank you, dear readers, for your support over the years and may the Force be with you, always. Maybe our paths will cross again someday.


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Kelly M is an avid Star Wars fan originally from Gibraltar but now living in The Netherlands. Passionate about the Star Wars prequel trilogy and television series, she is the admin and chief content creator for the sites All Things Omega and All Things Ahsoka.

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