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Sideshow Reveals Ahsoka Tano Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles' latest Ahsoka Tano figure strikes a dramatic pose among the ruins of Malachor.

As Ahsoka Tano once said, “There’s always a bit of truth in legends”, and Sideshow Collectibles’ latest Premium Format Figure is truly the stuff of legends.

This new limited-edition polystone figure, based on Ahsoka’s appearance in the animated series Star Wars Rebels and inspired by her visit to the ancient Sith temple on Malachor, was designed and sculpted by Matt Black, painted by Chie Izuma, and stands 19.5 inches tall. The Togruta Force user strikes a dramatic, battle-ready pose on a Malachor-themed base and her facial markings, lekku, montrals, lightsabers, and outfit have been meticulously recreated for this quarter-scale collectible.

The standard Collector Edition is priced at $585 (exclusive of shipping and customs fees) but for an extra $20, you can treat yourself to the Exclusive Edition, which includes a colourful sculpture of Ahsoka’s avian companion, Morai, perched on a piece of Malachor rubble.

Both versions are now available to pre-order and are expected to ship between May 2022 and July 2022. Please keep in mind that these figures might not be available to customers in some countries and territories and that product details are subject to change without notice. For full information about the figures’ details, dimensions, and payment options, please visit the Sideshow site.

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