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Where to Buy Fan-Made Ahsoka Tano Merchandise

A guide to some of the best online stores selling fan-made Ahsoka Tano pins, stickers, prints, and other collectibles.

There’s no doubt that officially licensed Ahsoka Tano merchandise can be notoriously hard to purchase thanks to her growing popularity and opportunistic scalpers profiting off of her success. Anyone who has tried to buy a Hasbro figure, limited edition art print, or store-exclusive Funko Pop figure can probably attest to that, especially if they live outside of the United States. 

Thankfully, there is a world of fan-made merchandise out there to suit all tastes and budgets. From enamel pins and art prints to iron-on patches, from handbags to decorative stickers, you can find a suitable gift for a fellow Ahsoka fan (or yourself) via the online stores listed below. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the fan artists and fan merchandise vendors who sell Ahsoka-themed items, but it’s a good enough place to start. This page will be updated when time and resources allow, so if you run your own fan merchandise business and would like me to consider your online store for inclusion in this list, feel free to leave me a message below or contact me via email

Please keep in mind that not all stores ship internationally, that there may be considerable delays thanks to the ongoing pandemic, and that the prices quoted on their sites are often exclusive of shipping and customs fees. Be sure to familiarise yourself with each store’s orders, shipping, and returns policies before placing any orders and check customer reviews if you have any concerns about the vendors.


Team Tano Alive

Run by Eric and Audrey and launched in 2019, the Los Angeles-based Team Tano Alive store specialises in Ahsoka-themed enamel pins and accessories but also has a range of products based on the prequel trilogy, The Clone Wars, and Star Wars Rebels

New items (and drop dates) are announced regularly on their Instagram account, @teamtanoalive, and they ship internationally. For more information about their shipping and returns policies, visit their site’s FAQ page


Padawan Pins

Padawan Pins is a small online store run by Savi and specialises in enamel pins, stickers, and the occasional beanie hat. They have a decent selection of Ahsoka Tano merchandise as well as a variety of merchandise inspired by Star Wars Rebels and The Mandalorian

Their enamel pins tend to sell out very quickly so make sure that you’re following their Instagram account, @padawan.pins, to find out when their pre-orders are live. 


Fulcrum Pins

Another great place for fan-made Ahsoka Tano merchandise is Fulcrum Pins, run by Utah-based Brittany. She has a wide selection of merchandise based on the Star Wars saga and animated series and releases new items every month.

New items and pre-orders are usually announced on her Instagram account, @fulcrum_pins, so make sure to follow her there to keep up with all the latest developments!



Plushishop is run by sibling artists Plushi and Sparrow and offers a wide range of cute “chibiStar Wars merchandise, including sticker sheets, buttons, keychains, card wallets, mini charms, and standees. 

Their Etsy store is based in Texas but they ship internationally. They also aren’t very active on Instagram so your best bet is to follow their Twitter accounts (shown above) to stay informed about all of their latest merchandise releases. 



Looking for merchandise inspired by the Star Wars TV shows? Then Ksenia Zelentsova’s RedBubble and Etsy stores have just what you need! This Russian artist specialises in 2D illustration and comic art and has created officially licensed work for Disney and The Topps Company in the past.

Although she is based in Moscow, her online stores ship internationally and offer a broad selection of items, including art prints, magnets, stickers, travel mugs, and apparel. Follow Ksenia on Twitter or Instagram to learn more about her work.


Fulcrum Fashions

If you’re looking for Ahsoka-themed jewellery and accessories, Fulcrum Fashions is a great place to start. Run by AJ and based in the United Kingdom, the store has a colourful selection of necklaces, pendants, earrings, and studs. 

The store ships internationally but customers in the EU may have to pay extra import and/or customs fees. Follow the Fulcrum Fashions Instagram account, @fulcrum.fashions, for updates about merchandise releases and discounts.



Another great place for fan-made Star Wars-inspired accessories is GEEKably CUTE, which is run by Aimee and based in Florida. She offers a selection of faux leather earrings inspired by Ahsoka, Star Wars Rebels, and the High Republic. 

GEEKablyCute ships internationally and you can learn more about Aimee’s store and artisanal products via her Instagram account, @geekablycute.


Creature Cartel

Add some geeky flair to your wardrobe with some of Creature Cartel’s Star Wars-themed accessories! Tori Fox has created a dazzling range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and headbands inspired by the Star Wars films, TV series, and novels and she ships internationally.

Details about Tori’s upcoming merchandise releases, previews, and discount sales can be found on the Creature Cartel Instagram and Twitter accounts. 


Jake Bartok’s Art Prints

Looking for some new wall art for your home? Australian artist Jake Bartok has a fantastic selection of art inspired by Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and other popular fandoms. 

His range of “Medieval Star Wars” art reimagines the franchise’s beloved characters as medieval warriors and nobility, and there’s a decent selection of artwork featuring our favourite Togruta.  You can see more of Jake’s art over on his Instagram account, @jakebartok, and you can order prints of his work via his INPRNT store


Roberto Venegas Art

One of my personal favourite fan artists is Roberto Venegas, whose colourful and playful illustrations would be a welcome addition to any fan’s collection. 

Roberto’s work pays homage to the entire franchise – from the Skywalker saga films to the various TV series to the High Republic publishing initiative – and art prints are available for purchase through his INPRNT store



Run by illustrator and designer Nicole Rachel, NicochelArt offers a growing selection of art prints, magnets, enamel pins, and vinyl stickers based on the Star Wars franchise. 

Nicole’s distinctive and wonderfully stylised aesthetic will appeal to fans of all ages and you can learn more about her work and upcoming merchandise releases via her Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Scevoli Store

One of the best places to find Ahsoka-themed pins is The Scevoli Store, which is run by Ahsoka Tano fan and podcaster Chris Scevoli. Just keep in mind that his designs are in high demand and tend to sell out quite quickly!

Chris normally announces upcoming merchandise releases, prices, and shipping information on the store’s Instagram account, @thescevolistore, so make sure to give him a follow to stay informed.


Hyperspace Pins

Yet another great online store for Ahsoka stickers and hand-crafted enamel pins is Hyperspace Pins, which is run by long-time Star Wars fans, Chris and Matt.

Shoppers based outside the United States can purchase Hyperspace Pins’ limited edition merchandise via their eBay store, while US shoppers can make their purchases via the main online store. Upcoming releases are always announced on their Instagram account days or weeks in advance.


Critter of Habit

If pins aren’t your thing, you can find a selection of photographic prints and stickers over on Critter of Habit’s RedBubble store. This Australia-based artist is a huge fan of Ahsoka Tano and the Star Wars animated series and has created a wide range of art based on the shows.

You can see more of Maddie’s work over on her Instagram account, @critter_of_habit. And while you’re at it, why not treat yourself today to some incredible Ahsoka Tano art via her RedBubble store?



Singapore-based artist Theresa’s online store, Theresa-Draws, may be small but she offers some cute Ahsoka and Anakin stickers and mug designs that Clone Wars fans might enjoy.

Unfortunately, Theresa doesn’t sell that much merchandise based on her incredible artwork but you can get a good feel for her art style and interests over on her Instagram account if you’d like to commission her for a customised piece.


Last updated on April 4, 2021.


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Disclaimer: All Things Ahsoka is not affiliated with any of the vendors or small businesses listed above, nor can its admin personally vouch for the quality of any fan-made products sold via Etsy, RedBubble, or any other online store. 

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