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7 ‘Star Wars’ Web Series For You and Your Kids to Enjoy During Quarantine

Looking for free Star Wars content to entertain your kids (or yourself) during lockdown? Here are some recommendations!

Perhaps you and your family are tired of rewatching the same few Star Wars films or TV series during your quarantine. Or perhaps Disney+ hasn’t launched in your region yet and you don’t have access to the platform’s catalogue of Star Wars content? Whatever the case may be, do not fret – you can find a plethora of animated shorts and web series over on the official Star Wars YouTube channels and they won’t cost you a cent!

Here are a few suggestions for those who have younglings to entertain or just simply want something lighthearted to enjoy while they hunker down for yet another week in lockdown.

1) Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures

This ongoing micro-series of animated shorts retells key scenes from the Star Wars films in a bold, dynamic, colourful anime-inspired style. Created by Titmouse and Lucasfilm, Galaxy of Adventures has reimagined some of the franchise’s most iconic scenes, such as Luke’s encounter with the Wampa on Hoth, Yoda’s duel against Count Dooku, and the showdown between Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base.

Now in its second season, this micro-series is a perfect entry point for young children and a colourful nostalgia fest for older fans. You can also find a variety of Galaxy of Adventures colouring pages, comics, activity guides, and merchandise over on the Star Wars Kids site. And don’t forget to check out the series’ Fun Facts videos to learn more about your favourite characters, aliens, vehicles, and planets.


2) Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

This animated micro-series may focus on the franchise’s female heroes but its appeal transcends demographics and covers all eras of the (canon) Star Wars timeline. Find out how Leia Organa got hold of her Boushh bounty hunter disguise, chuckle at Rey training with some cheeky porgs, or watch Ahsoka Tano and Padmé Amidala deal with an uninvited dinner guest.

The micro-series only ran for two seasons but it gave fans some fun new stories starring some of their favourite Star Wars heroines. The entire series is now available on Disney+ but if you aren’t a subscriber, you can still watch it over on the official Disney YouTube channel for free.


3) The Star Wars Show

This family-friendly show broadcast from the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco offers official Star Wars news, behind-the-scenes features, and interviews with special guests and is hosted by the delightful Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni. The Emmy Award-winning show switched from weekly to monthly updates just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, so the release schedule and show format may be a little unpredictable for the foreseeable future.

Many of the news announcements are now out of date but it’s worth browsing the show’s archives simply for the cast and staff interviews. Go behind the scenes and learn more about some of the props featured in The Rise of Skywalker or watch cute animals reenacting the iconic “trench run” scene from A New Hope and be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified when new episodes go live.


4) This Week! in Star Wars

Stay up to date on all the latest Star Wars news with’s weekly news round-ups, which are hosted by long-time contributor and associate editor Kristin Baver. Launched in January 2020 as a spin-off from The Star Wars Show, This Week! in Star Wars is now the leading source for official Star Wars news, merchandise announcements, and social media challenges.

The news ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen is jam-packed with interesting factoids about the franchise and its four-decade long history and recent episodes have shone the spotlight on fans’ cute Star Wars pets, viewers’ fan art, and the upcoming Clone Wars anthology. New episodes are released every Thursday.


5) Star Wars Roll Out

One of the more unusual additions to this list is Star Wars Roll Out, a series of animated shorts created by Japanese animator Hideo Itoyanagi. Starring all of your favourites from the sequel trilogy in BB-8 form, Roll Out is a collection of short whimsical stories that will no doubt entertain your younglings and teach them a valuable life lesson or two.

Itoyanagi’s quirky animation style might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the shorts have proven quite popular with younglings and adults alike and are great examples of visual storytelling; there is absolutely no dialogue so the characters’ movements, exaggerated physics, and humorous expressions are used to maximum effect. And like Galaxy of Adventures and Forces of Destiny, Roll Out is an excellent introduction to that galaxy far, far away.


6) Star Wars Blips

Never underestimate a droid. And never underestimate the cutesy appeal of a droid-centric animated micro-series! Launched on May 4, 2017, this short-lived series sees BB-8, Artoo, and the porgs get up to all manner of mischief.

Very few Blips shorts were made – only eight animated shorts exist –  but they are perfect bite-size servings of Star Wars for younglings who are taking their first steps into a larger world.


7) Let’s Make Star Wars

Looking for ideas for Star Wars-themed arts and crafts? If so, Let’s Make Star Wars hosts Sean and Marissa have got you covered. From Padmé Amidala bookmarks to porg nesting dolls to Clone Wars tic-tac-toe, there’s plenty to keep you or the kids occupied.

And if you’re having trouble getting hold of art supplies at the moment and only have a pencil and some paper at your disposal, you can try your hand at sketching some of the franchise’s most beloved characters and creatures with Star Wars Kids’ Let’s Draw Star Wars video tutorials.


Of course, if you have a Disney+ subscription, you’ll have even more incredible Star Wars content to choose from, such as the critically-acclaimed animated series The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels and the kid-friendly animated comedy series Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. Whatever you or your family decide to watch, remember to stay safe, stay home (if you can), and stay hopeful.

“We have hope; hope that things can get better. And they will.” – Hera Syndulla, Star Wars Rebels

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