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Ahsoka Tano Speaks Through the Galaxy’s Edge Jedi Holocrons

Ahsoka Tano imparts knowledge and wisdom through the Galaxy's Edge kyber crystals.

Holocrons and kyber crystals are among the many items you can buy at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and when you insert a white kyber crystal into a Jedi holocron, you will hear a familiar voice imparting knowledge and wisdom from a galaxy far, far away.

Ashley Eckstein recorded a number of new lines of dialogue specifically for Galaxy’s Edge and each of these touch upon certain events, locations, and characters from The Clone WarsStar Wars Rebels, and E.K. Johnston’s young adult novel, Star Wars: Ahsoka. These include references to how Ahsoka built her white lightsabers, her new life as a Rebel spymaster, and her former master.

You can listen to all of Ahsoka’s holocron messages in this video from The Black Spier or read the transcribed messages below.

  • “I’ve stood in a World Between Worlds, where I could hear echoes of the past, and see visions of the future through the Force.”
  • “My master was an unconventional Jedi. I followed his lead, which wound up saving my life.”
  • “The crystal is the heart of the lightsaber. And the lightsaber, an extension of your will. A Jedi’s life is dangerous, and the lightsaber often the difference between life and death.
  • “After the purge, the Emperor’s hunters searched for Force-sensitive children so there could never be another generation of Jedi. I couldn’t let that happen. So I decided to stop them.”
  • “I died when the Jedi were betrayed, or so I let everyone believe. I abandoned my lightsabers and even my name. I’d been a Padawan, but I knew it was time to become something else.”
  • “I couldn’t fight the Empire alone, so I helped the Rebel Alliance gather intelligence, connect people, and together we gave hope to those who had none.”
  • “Anakin Skywalker was my master. I thought he died at the end of the Clone Wars, but his true fate was far worse. He’d been consumed by the Dark Side.”
  • “May the Force be with you.”
  • “When I was young, I was reckless. Being a fugitive taught me patience. I learned to watch, to wait, and to trust the Force.”
  • “I built my new lightsabers with crystals from the Dark Side. The blades shine white because I am neither Jedi nor Sith.”
  • “I haven’t been a Jedi for many years, but I still serve the will of the Force. I am an instrument, an agent, a fulcrum.”
  • “The Jedi knew the Force, but remember, the Force is not limited to any sacred text or collection of teachings. It surrounds us and binds us to everyone and everything.”
  • “I left the Jedi path to find my own way, and for a long time I felt lost. Then, through compassion and helping others, I found my true purpose and direction.”

If you’d like to know what messages you can find on the other colour kyber crystals being sold at Galaxy’s Edge, you can find a list of them in this spreadsheet, courtesy of The Black Spier.

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