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Ahsoka Tano Makes Her ‘Galaxy of Adventures’ Debut

Get your first look at a 'Galaxy of Adventures' style Ahsoka Tano!

Ever since they announced the animated micro-series Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, I’ve been holding out for a mention or even just a brief glimpse of Ahsoka Tano in these delightfully animated shorts. Months went by without so much as a namedrop and just when I was beginning to lose hope of ever seeing her in this series, Lucasfilm and Titmouse released their Clone Wars Fun Facts video and gave us our first look at Ahsoka in the Galaxy of Adventures animation style.

Hearing her name and seeing her in a video that also features shots from the live-action prequel films brought warm feelings to my heart. While I’ll well aware that The Clone Wars is just as canon as the live-action films, videos and scenes like these really tie that Galaxy Far, Far Away together for me and always bring a smile to my face. Just like I got a thrill out of seeing Saw Gerrera show up in the E3 Jedi: Fallen Order demo and Rex fighting alongside Han Solo in a Galaxy of Adventures short earlier this month. It’s the little things in life, people.

I do have one teensy complaint about her appearance in this video: They forgot to paint the tips of her montrals and her Padawan braid seems to have vanished. But for a brief cameo, our Snips is looking pretty fantastic (and suitably snippy) and hopefully her appearance here is a sign of things to come. I’m sure I can speak for all Ahsoka fans when I say that it’s high time we see some Galaxy of Adventures shorts based on The Clone Wars and/or Star Wars Rebels!

Ahsoka Tano in Galaxy of Adventures

You can find a full archive of Galaxy of Adventures animated shorts and Fun Facts videos over on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, on the official Star Wars Kids website or over on the official Star Wars site.

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