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“I No Longer Walk the Jedi Path” – How Japanese Subtitles Added Extra Depth to Ahsoka and Vader’s Showdown

Ahsoka and Vader's epic showdown is even more profound in Japanese, as NorskAkiruno explains.

A translation can make – or break – a work of fiction but as long-time Japan resident and amateur Japanologist Dave Hackerson discovered, sometimes it can improve upon an already emotive scene.

Dave, who goes by the username @NorskAkiruno on Twitter, has long been interested in the ways that Japanese philosophy can be applied to the Star Wars universe and how that universe has itself been influenced by Japanese aesthetics, samurai films, and centuries-old Buddhist tenets. And when he watched the momentous showdown between Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano in the season two finale of Star Wars Rebels, he noted that the Japanese subtitles added an extra layer of depth to their exchange.

The Japanese subtitles for 'Twilight of the Apprentice'

For example, he points out that the Japanese translation of “I am no Jedi” is not a simple one-for-one translation; the sentence used by the translator (ジェダイの道は捨てた) translates back into English as “I no longer walk the Jedi path”, placing greater emphasis on Ahsoka’s personal journey and her decision to leave the Jedi Order behind her.

I urge readers to check out Dave’s original article, “Japanese Translations Make Star Wars Even More Profound – 邦訳によりスターウォーズがより深遠になる場合もある”, and to give him a follow on Twitter. If you’re interested in Japanese culture or are learning Japanese, check out the rest of his blog, which is available in English and Japanese.

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4 Comments on “I No Longer Walk the Jedi Path” – How Japanese Subtitles Added Extra Depth to Ahsoka and Vader’s Showdown

  1. Whooooaaaa….. that’s amazing and awesome! And thanks for the rec on his blog. I’m going to have to check him out!

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  2. NorskAkiruno // 19th January 2019 at 4:40 AM //

    I’m so glad people have enjoyed this take on one of my favorite (and IMO one of the best) scenes in all Star Wars. Greatly appreciate the recommendation for my blog as well. I currently mulling another article that will attempt to draw parallels between Star Wars and an event in Japanese history.

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    • If you do, let me know! And thanks again for sharing your insight. I only ever hear horror stories about translations gone wrong but rarely hear about cases where the translated version actually ADDS extra depth to a scene.


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