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Star Wars Fan Creates Custom ‘Clone Wars’ BrickHeadz Figures

One very dedicated fan has brought Ahsoka Tano and the rest of the Clone Wars gang to life in LEGO BrickHeadz form.

When it comes to Star Wars fans, their creativity knows no bounds. And one such fan has combined his love of Star Wars with a passion for creating custom LEGO BrickHeadz figures.

ScoutTheTrooper has spent many an hour bringing beloved Star Wars characters to life in BrickHeadz form using BrickLink’s Studio 2.0 desktop application. This process that can take as little as fifteen minutes or up to an hour (or more) depending on the character he is building and the amount of trial and error involved.

Among the many characters he has recreated as BrickHeadz figures are Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a number of other fan favourite characters from The Clone Wars and the prequel trilogy. What’s more, Scout has kindly made some of these designs available to those who want to try their hand at building figures of their favourite Jedi knights. You can download the designs over here but please note that these can only be opened in Studio 2.0, so make sure you install that application first.

And while he has yet to create a Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka figure, he has created figures for some of the Ghost crew members… and many, many more. From Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Iden Versio to the ill-fated crew of Rogue One, from Dark Disciple’s star-crossed lovers Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos to the scoundrels of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Scout’s collection of BrickHeadz designs grows by the day and you can browse through them all via his Twitter feed.

ScoutTheTrooper's Jedi character BrickHeadz designs

I’d like to thank Scout for taking the time to chat with me about his custom builds and for giving me permission to publish his work here. If you’d like to see more of Scout’s amazing BrickHeadz creations, give him a follow on Twitter: @ScoutTheTrooper.

All of the images used in this article are property of ScoutTheTrooper and have been republished here with his permission.

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