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Wanted: Guest Bloggers for ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Anniversary Celebration

Here's your chance to write a guest article for Team Ahsoka!

The tenth anniversary of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is upon us and to celebrate this milestone, Team Ahsoka will be running a series of guest articles devoted to the much-loved series (and the underrated film) over the next few months.

And to do that, I need an army of guest bloggers who can create compelling, original content for the site. Are you up to the challenge?

Guidelines & Conditions

Are you interested in writing a guest article for Team Ahsoka? If so, here are some guidelines and conditions you should keep in mind when sending me your article pitches!

  • Your proposed article must fit the general theme and tone of this website and must touch upon Ahsoka Tano and/or The Clone Wars in some form. You could write about how Ahsoka inspires you, share your Clone Wars cosplay experiences, put together a top ten list of your favourite moments from the show. The sky’s the limit!
  • Team Ahsoka strives to be as inclusive as possible so I welcome proposals from fans of all backgrounds. Articles should ideally be written in English but I may accept submissions in other languages, especially if an English translation (or summary) is provided.
  • Guest articles should be at least 500 words long. There are no upper word limits but try to be concise and stay on topic. You’re welcome to include fan art, photos, and other images in your articles but be sure to credit them accordingly if they are not your own.
  • All articles will be proofread, edited, and formatted before publication. Authors are advised to avoid using strong language unless it’s absolutely necessary. It should go without saying that content deemed to be racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive will be rejected.
  • Guest articles should be original content and should not have been published elsewhere beforehand. You may republish your articles on your own sites/blogs or on third-party sites at a later date but please ask for permission first and be sure to mention that your articles were originally written for Team Ahsoka (a link back to the original article would be greatly appreciated).
  • Team Ahsoka reserves the right to turn down any proposals that do not meet the guidelines for submission or are deemed unsuitable. I urge candidates NOT to submit completed articles until I have approved their pitches.
  • This is a fan-run site so I am unable to offer any compensation (monetary or otherwise) for your work. What I can offer is exposure and the opportunity to showcase your social media accounts, sites, and/or portfolios on this site and across Team Ahsoka’s social media accounts.
Still from the 2008 Star Wars: The Clone Wars film (Image credit: Cap-That.Com)

Can you believe that it’s been ten years since Skyguy and Snips first met? (Image credit: Cap-That.Com)


If you’ve read the guidelines above and would like to submit a guest article in honour of the show’s tenth anniversary, you can send me your pitch via email (

Please do not send me any completed articles until I have approved your pitch and please try to provide as much information as possible when you submit your pitch. This will speed up the selection process considerably.


The deadline for submitting pitches for this special guest blogging event is 1 September 2018. The articles themselves can be submitted at a later date, so don’t worry if you need some extra time to write and proofread your articles.

Approved guest articles will start appearing on the site as from August 2018 and new articles will be posted on a regular basis thereafter.

Any Questions?

Have any questions about the submission process or need some tips for your guest article? You can reach me via email or, alternatively, you can send me a tweet on Twitter.

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