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‘Star Wars’ Fan Artists Celebrate the Return of Ahsoka Tano

Fan artists share work inspired by the final episodes of 'Star Wars Rebels'

Star Wars Rebels has drawn to an epic (and emotional) close after a phenomenal four seasons but one of the things that has gotten fans talking is the long-awaited return of Ahsoka Tano, who was shown to have survived her encounter with Darth Vader thanks to a portal and Ezra’s timely intervention and who can later be seen in all her white-clad glory in the finale’s epilogue.

Naturally, Star Wars fans and artists wasted no time sketching, painting, and finding other creative ways to commemorate the Togruta’s return to our screens.

Here is a small selection of the amazing fan art and homages that were shared on Twitter over the past couple of weeks.

All of the artworks shown above are property of their respective artists. If some of your art has been displayed here against your wishes, let me know and I will remove it.

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