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Ahsoka Tano Added to ‘Star Wars: Force Arena’ Mobile Game

Netmarble Games brings Ahsoka Tano and the Clone Wars to its hit mobile game, 'Force Arena'

Netmarble Games has brought the Clone Wars to its popular real-time strategy mobile game Star Wars: Force Arena and added a total of 16 new unlockable characters to its roster, including fan favourite Ahsoka Tano.

Update (August 2018): Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) has been added to the game as a fully playable character.

The 2.0 update is the game’s largest update since its initial release and offers a range of prequel-era locations and characters as well as a brand-new user interface, improved tutorials, and significant changes to the game’s rewards system.

Anakin and Ahsoka as seen in 'Star Wars: Force Arena'

Anakin and Ahsoka as seen in ‘Star Wars: Force Arena’

Sadly, Ahsoka isn’t a playable character in her own right but is simply Anakin Skywalker’s “Unique”, which means you’ll only be able to use her if you’ve already unlocked her master.

This may disappoint some fans but I’m just happy to finally see her in the game, full stop. Her character art and animations are incredible and seeing her alongside an Anakin that looks just like Hayden Christensen is an added bonus.

Here’s some additional information about Ahsoka Tano’s character stats taken from the Force Arena Community Forums!

Ahsoka Tano in 'Star Wars: Force Arena'

Unlocked at Tier-1 Duracrete

Ahsoka followed the teachings of Yoda at the Jedi Temple in Coruscant where she spent most of her youth. Since then, she has been Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, experiencing many battles and showing her excellence in lightsaber combat. Take control of the battlefield with Ahsoka’s quick dual lightsaber combat style!

  • Attacks nearby enemies quickly using two lightsabers.
  • Ahsoka has high movement speed, allowing her to track down and defeat fleeing targets easily.

Full details on the 2.0 update can be found here while a detailed list of the new characters and their abilities can be found over here.

Want to play Star Wars: Force Arena on your mobile device? You can download the app for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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