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Ahsoka Tano Fans Celebrate International Cat Day

When Tano Tuesday and International Cat Day collide...

International Cat Day 2017 coincided with Twitter’s weekly #TanoTuesday event, so I leapt at the chance to dub the day “Tooka Tuesday” (after the cat-like creatures of the Star Wars universe) and invited fellow Ahsoka Tano fans to share photos of their feline friends posing with our beloved Togruta.

Here’s a purr-fect summary of the day’s events, which is also available as a Twitter Moment.

Let’s begin with my two Loth-cats Rico and Juno enjoying “Tooka Tuesday” in the company of my Ahsoka Tano Itty Bitty.

Both of them are die-hard Ahsoka fans… not that they have any real say in the matter. ^_^

However, it turns out that not all cats are as gentle with Snips as mine are. Xena Duncan’s four-legged friend Sugi can be seen here grappling with her Lego Ahsoka Tano figure.

Snips clearly has a bounty on her head… (Thanks, BoxerlessBossk, for this joke)

Shortly after that, some of my Twitter friends followed Xena’s lead and sent me photos of their cats posing with their Ahsoka Tano action figures (and the occasional Funko Pop! figure).

This included one sad kitty that had been branded “rebel scum” and thrown into a detention cell.

One follower, Ryan, wasn’t able to take a photo of his cat posing with Ahsoka Tano merchandise, so he made up for this by snapping a shot of his little panther lying on a wolf plushie.

We all know how much Star Wars legend Dave Filoni likes his wolves so this seems like a fitting homage to the man who helped shape Ahsoka into the character we hold so dear.

One fan didn’t let the lack of a real-life cat stop him from joining in the fun. Woodrow Hull used his 35-year-old Garfield cuddly toy in lieu of a living, breathing feline and made him strike a pose with his collection of Ahsoka Tano action figures.

And, finally, let’s end this Tooka Tuesday feature with some adorable fan art of Rebels Ahsoka Tano hanging out with a mischievous Loth-cat, courtesy of artist Mellissa Fox.

A huge thanks goes to all the fans who contributed to this article. May the Fur-ce be with you all. ^_^

It’s never too late to celebrate Tooka Tuesday. Feel free to share your own photos in the comments section below!

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