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‘Tano Couture’ Hits the Her Universe Fashion Show Runway

This Ahsoka Tano-inspired design was one of the 25 entries in this year's Her Universe Fashion Show

Her Universe held its fourth annual fashion show at San Diego Comic Con 2017, showcasing an eclectic range of pop-culture designs which drew inspiration from beloved Japanese anime classics, blockbuster superhero films, Star Wars (naturally), Disney’s animated masterpiece Moana, popular video games, and other sources.

This year’s contestants competed for the chance to work alongside Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein and design a new Disney Princess fashion collection for Hot Topic.

A total of 25 designs were showcased on the Her Universe runway, including designer Rachel Roth’s eye-catching ensemble, ‘Tano Couture’, which was modelled by cosplayer EmmaSkies.

'Tano Couture' by Rachel Roth at the Her Universe Fashion Show 2017

‘Tano Couture’ by Rachel Roth (Screenshot taken from The Wookiee Gunner’s video)

The maroon and grey design incorporated Ahsoka Tano’s signature armbands and tabard, while a white and blue headscarf stood in for the Togruta’s montrals and lekku.

According to Roth, ‘Tano Couture’ was inspired by her favourite spunky Jedi, specifically by her look in the later seasons of The Clone Wars. Her designer bio states that she tends to work with different types of fabric and her designs often combine soft feminine detailing with harsher, bolder designs.

Rachel Roth's designer bio and 'Tano Couture' sketch

Rachel Roth’s designer bio and ‘Tano Couture’ sketch (Image courtesy of Johnamarie Macias)

She also explained that she loves to mix different types of fabric texture and play around with shapes to create new silhouettes, all of which is clearly reflected in the bright colours and defined contours of the Ahsoka-inspired ensemble. You can read more about the outfit and Roth’s background in fashion design in this interview.

Roth’s design did not win the coveted grand prize but it still made quite an impact on the audience and on the Star Wars fans at home. This snippy, snazzy style gets our (even more) coveted seal of approval. The Force was with you, ladies!

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Special thanks to Johnamarie Macias of The Wookiee Gunner for being kind enough to send me a photo of Roth’s designer biography.

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