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Fan Recreates Jedi Temple Scene from ‘The Padawan Path’

Star Wars fan Jordan (@Jord3217) recreates a scene from 'Forces of Destiny' in his home-made diorama

The recently released episodes of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny have inspired fans to create artwork based on the popular animated series. One example is Johnamarie Macias’ fan-made colouring book. Another is Melissa Thomas’s super-cute renditions of the show’s leading ladies.

But the artwork that really caught my attention was this home-made diorama of the Jedi Temple scene from the episode ‘The Padawan’s Path’ created by Twitter user Jordan (@Jord3217).

I caught up with Jordan to find out how he recreated this memorable scene from ‘The Padawan Path’ and he was kind enough to send me a few photos and a step-by-step guide of the entire process:

  • First, you’ll need a piece of thick cardboard. I used a flap of a shipping box.
  • Next, you’ll need to find a small branch that fits the needs of the Jedi Temple tree, or use one thicker piece and some smaller pieces to make the shape of the tree (which is what I did). Mine is a one center branch with 3 pieces attached to it (I attached these using hot glue).
  • After you shape your tree, hot glue it onto the cardboard base. You can add some more hot glue around the edges to help “seal” it onto the cardboard.
  • The next part: making the leaves. I needed something thin, yet sturdy, so I used an empty cereal box. I cut the box so that it would have one flat side.
  • Then, I spray-painted the cereal box metallic gold. I only painted one side, but both sides could be painted to allow for a 360-degree shot of the tree.
  • After the paint dried (which shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes), I began to cut an endless supply of small and larger circles.
  • Then, cut into the circles to create the shape of the leaves and attached the leaves to the tree. If you used a cereal box and only painted one side of it like I did, you may need to be careful how you attach the leaves to avoid showing the cereal box back.
  • After attaching all of the leaves, I used a metallic gold Folkart paint (this can be purchased at Wal-Mart for about $3) to paint rings around the tree base and branches.
  • When this dried, I used a tan paint (which also can be found at Wal-Mart for $1) to paint the cardboard base so it would look more like the grounds of the Jedi Temple.


I hope this is clear and I hope someone tries to make one. It was a lot of fun and uses simple materials.

If anyone does make one, PLEASE tweet it to me! I would love to see it! – Jordan

So there you have it, folks. Everything you need to recreate your own Jedi Temple scene at home!

Granted, you’ll need to provide your own action figures but if you don’t already have these, you might be able to buy these at your local toy store or over on Amazon:

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