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Fan Art Friday #25

A round-up of Ahsoka Tano fan art for Friday 12th April 2017... with a mermaid twist!

Fan Art Friday is back after a month’s hiatus! Star Wars Celebration Orlando and May the 4th have both come and gone in the proverbial blink of an eye and summer’s now just around the corner (if you’re in the northern hemisphere).

This week’s theme is “MerMay”, a nod to Disney animator Tom Bancroft’s annual drawing challenge of the same name.

Our featured artists this week are Jeff Carillo, Jennifer Brincho, Brian Kesinger, Jessica Calabro, and Leonardo Maciel. As always, if you enjoy their work, visit their websites to see more of their work or give them a follow on social media.

Jeff Carillo

Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano as a mermaid (Image credit: Jeff Carillo)

Image credit: Jeff Carillo

The first piece in this week’s quirky line-up is this Clone Wars Ahsoka mermaid by product designer and concept artist Jeff Carillo.

Connect with Jeff Carillo – Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr 

Jennifer Brincho

Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka Tano as a mermaid (Image credit: Jennifer Brincho)

Image credit: Jennifer Brincho

Next on this week’s list is Jennifer Brincho’s sketch of a Star Wars Rebels-era Ahsoka Tano in mermaid form.

Connect with Jennifer Brinch – Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Website

Brian Kesinger

Ahsoka Tano as a mermaid (Image credit: Brian Kesinger)

Image credit: Brian Kesinger

This aquatic sketch by Disney Animation Studios story artist Brian Kesinger shows that Ahsoka not only lives but… #AhsokaSwims.

Connect with Brian Kesinger – Twitter | DeviantArt | InstagramEtsy | Website

Jessica Calabro

Ahsoka Tano, the Daughter of Mortis, and a convor in aquatic form (Image credit: Jessica Calabro)

Image credit: Jessica Calabro

Next up is Jessica Calabro’s take on a mermaid Ahsoka, who is joined by the Sea Daughter of Mortis and a convor-ray.

Connect with Jessica Calabro – Twitter | Instagram

Leonardo Maciel

Ahsoka Tano as a mermaid (Image credit: Leonardo Maciel)

Image credit: Leonardo Maciel

And finally, here’s Leonardo Maciel’s interpretation of a mermaid Ahsoka Tano, the sassiest mermaid in the ocean.

Connect with Leonardo Maciel – Twitter | DeviantArtInstagram | Tumblr | FacebookWebsite

Looking for more Ahsoka Tano fan art? Then click on Fan Art Friday for a full archive of featured art works!

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