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The Imperial Talker’s Haiku Tribute to Ahsoka Tano

The Imperial Talker gets all poetic about our darling Snips...

Star Wars fans are always finding fun, creative new ways to pay homage to their favourite characters, whether they’re cosplaying as their galactic heroes, setting up impressive action figure photo-shoots, or crafting adorable wooden peg dolls.

But few of them have ever expressed their love for a character in the form of haiku poetry.

The Imperial Talker blogger Jeffrey Cagle devoted an entire edition of his Haikuesday feature to Ahsoka Tano-themed poetry, starting with Ahsoka’s shaky debut in the 2008 Clone Wars film and continuing all the way through to her heart-wrenching battle with her former master in the Star Wars Rebels season two finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice”.

Ahsoka Tano - The Clone Wars

“You WILL read Jeff’s haiku…”

He’s even thrown in a few references to South Asian history and Ahsoka’s Legends appearances for good measure. And inserted a sweet little message about Team Ahsoka towards the end of his magnum opus.

Here are just a few of my favourites:

Ahsoka Tano,
Jedi Padawan and the
best library guard.

Ani and Tano
bicker while battle rages.
“Another fine mess…”

Tano is all like
cray jelly that dreamy Lux
likes that chick Steela.

Siege of Mandalore.
Tano duels a tattooed foe.
Rex will spring the trap.

Did Ahsoka live?
Or did she die in the duel?
There’s no wrong answer.

If left up to me,
in The Last Jedi I’d have
Luke chat with Tano.

You can read all of Jeff’s poems over on his blog, The Imperial Talker. And if you’re hungry for more haiku, check out Jeff’s February Haikuesday  post, which showcased the Star Wars universe’s favourite clankers.

New Haikuesday posts will be published on the first Tuesday of each month so be sure to follow The Imperial Talker on Twitter to vote for next month’s topic!

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