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Fan Art Friday #22

A round-up of Ahsoka Tano fan art for Friday 3rd March 2017

It’s a new month, a new Friday, so that means it’s time for a new edition of Fan Art Friday, our fortnightly feature that turns the spotlight on some of the best Ahsoka Tano fan art found on the internet!

Our theme this week is “Meditation” and our featured artists are MeltyArtz, Purplebluecrow, and Greg Verreault.

As always, if you enjoy their work, please consider visiting their sites or following their social media accounts to see more of their artwork or share your feedback.

MeltyArtz – ‘Ahsoka Meditating’

Art by Melissa Thomas (MeltyArtz)

Art by Melissa Thomas (MeltyArtz)

The first offering this week comes from Melissa Thomas, aka MeltyArtz, and depicts a post-Clone Wars Ahsoka in a meditative pose. Clear your mind of questions…and visit her amazing new website for more art!

Connect with Melissa – Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Purplebluecrow – ‘Holocron Meditation’

Art by Purplebluecrow

Art by Purplebluecrow

The next piece of art comes courtesy of Purplebluecrow, showing a Rebels era Ahsoka unlocking a Jedi holocron.

Connect with Purplebluecrow – Twitter | DeviantArt | Tumblr


 Greg Verreault – ‘Clear Your Mind, My Young Padawan’

Art by Greg Verreault

Art by Greg Verreault

And last on our list of contemplative pieces is Greg Verreault’s super cute rendition of our favourite cheeky Padawan.

Connect with Greg – Tumblr


Looking for more Ahsoka Tano fan art? Then click on Fan Art Friday for a full archive of featured art works!

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