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‘The Clone Wars’ May Be Vanishing From Netflix in March 2017

'The Clone Wars' days on Netflix are numbered. Watch it while you can!

Attention Clone Wars fans! If you’ve been relying on Netflix to get your Clone Wars fix, your luck may soon run out as the series’ current contract with the immensely popular online streaming service is due to end on March 7.

UPDATE: It appears that Netflix has renewed the contract so US fans are free to continue watching (or re-watching) The Clone Wars via their service for the foreseeable future!

A few eagle-eyed viewers spotted this expiration date on the episode details pages when they logged onto the service today and promptly raised the alarm on social media.

At the time of writing, Lucasfilm had yet to comment on the situation but unless a new deal is announced soon, it could mean the end for The Clone Wars on Netflix.

There is, of course, a chance that the contract may be renewed (this is common practice for VOD services) but if you still haven’t watched the series or are slowly working your way through its six seasons, now is as good a time as any to log on and watch it all while you can!

Failing that, you might want to treat yourself to the DVDs and watch the show whenever you like.

(All information was correct at the time of publication)

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2 Comments on ‘The Clone Wars’ May Be Vanishing From Netflix in March 2017

  1. Try to make a petition and a Internet asking Netflix to keep The Clone Wars. Here on Brazil we did not have TCW on Netflix until we start a Internet Campaing. Last year we did it and win. Now we have TCW on Netflix, the only problem for us is that the only place we can watch it “legalally” is on Netflix. No DVD no Blu Ray.


    • Hi Raphael, petitions like the one you suggest don’t normally work and it’s up to Lucasfilm to decide whether to keep it on Netflix or not. But thank you for your suggestion. 😉


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