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Ahsoka Tano Day 2017: Highlights

Ahsoka Tano Day 2017 was a huge success. Here are some highlights from the day's events!

Ahsoka Tano Day 2017 has come and gone in the blink of an eye but I think it’s safe to say that it was a spectacular success!

Hundreds of fans from across the world came together to celebrate this beloved Star Wars character and shared their thoughts, memories, photos, and fan creations with fellow fans on Twitter throughout the course of the day.

This annual social media event was first launched by Twitter user @AhsokaTanosLife back in 2015 and has been held on January 29 every year since then. While the Clone Wars film didn’t hit theatres until August 2008, Lucasfilm released the first promotional picture and name of Anakin Skywalker’s new apprentice earlier that year, on – you guessed it – January 29.

Ahsoka Tano Day 2017 (Image credit: @AhsokaTanosLife)

(Image credit: @AhsokaTanosLife)

It’s impossible to share all the tweets, articles, and photos I retweeted over the weekend (I must have retweeted well over a hundred!), so here are some of the highlights of the day’s events!


  • An Ahsoka Legacy (Versifier Unleashed) – Musician Mike Fessler (aka Versifier) wrote about his account @AhsokaTanosLife and the social media events he’s run over the years. If you enjoyed Ahsoka Tano Day or regularly take part in #TanoTuesday, he’s the guy to thank for it!
  • Ahsoka Tano, Child Soldier (The Imperial Talker) – Although this article was published in mid-January, this thought-provoking (and somewhat controversial) piece by Jeffrey Cagle is a must-read. It’s certainly given me some food for thought…
  • Happy Ahsoka Day (The Dorky Diva) – Fashionista and fangirl Savanna Kiefer talks about Ahsoka’s importance to the female fanbase and Ashley Eckstein’s invaluable contributions to the female geek community. This article was actually written for Ahsoka Tano Day 2016 but since Team Ahsoka wasn’t launched until April, I’ll let it pass. 😉

Fan Art:

Here’s a small selection of the amazing fan art I spotted on my timeline throughout the day. I’m deeply in love with Star Wars Peg Dolls’ collection of Ahsoka Tano peg dolls (I’ve featured his work on this site before).

Apologies to those who’ve been left out. There were just too many to feature here…


A few Star Wars fans took the opportunity to showcase their incredible cosplay skills by sharing photos of their Ahsoka Tano costumes.

Ahsoka isn’t the easiest character to cosplay as (the headpiece alone can be a hassle) but that didn’t stop these talented individuals from bringing their favourite character to life!


If you’re into hip hop and Star Wars, check out Versifier’s tribute to Ahsoka Tano. This special Ahsoka Tano Day track is from his latest album, The Lost Holocron, and can be downloaded for free over on his site.

Another video created specially for Ahsoka Tano Day 2017 was ALPHA vs B3TA’s video, “Ahsoka’s Journey”, which pays tribute to the life and times of Anakin’s former apprentice.

And, lastly, aspiring Ahsoka Tano cosplayers should check out JediManda’s latest tutorial, which is a step-by-step guide showing you how to turn yourself into the tenacious Togruta using water-based face paints. Perfect for Star Wars Celebration or next year’s Ahsoka Tano Day. 😉


As I mentioned earlier, it’s impossible to feature every single #AhsokaTanoDay tweet in this article…which just goes to show you how insanely popular our beloved Snips is!

So if you’d like to browse through all the comments, photos, and videos that were shared that day, just click on the #AhsokaTanoDay hashtag.


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