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Fan Art Friday #15

Ahsoka Tano fan art for Friday 2nd December 2016

It’s the first Friday of December so it’s time for yet another edition of Fan Art Friday, our (somewhat) weekly feature that shines the spotlight on some of the best Ahsoka Tano fan art found on the internet.

The theme this week is “Art Inspired by the Ahsoka Novel”. This is the second time we’ve covered this topic (the last time was in Fan Art Friday #13) but the novel’s been out for nearly two months now so there’s a wider selection of art to choose from this time around.

And this week’s chosen pieces were created by Omegafanart, Coe-Lilium, and Phraggle. If you enjoy their work, please consider visiting their sites or social media pages to see more of their artwork and share your feedback.

Omegafanart – “Ahsoka Novel Cover”

Fan-made cover for 'Star Wars: Ahsoka' (Image credit: Omegafanart)

Fan-made cover for ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’ (Image credit: Omegafanart)

First up this week is Omegafanart’s beautifully inked fan cover for Star Wars: Ahsoka. This stunning piece has been praised by the novel’s author, E.K. Johnston, and features Kaedan Larte, her sister Miara, the Togruta Selda, and other secondary characters from the book.

Connect with Omegafanart – TwitterTumblr | Tumblr (2)DeviantArt

Coe-Lilium – “Ahsoka Tano & Kaeden Larte”

'Ahsoka Tano and Kaeden Larte' (Image credit: Coe-Lilium)

‘Ahsoka Tano and Kaeden Larte’ (Image credit: Coe-Lilium)

This piece featuring Ahsoka Tano and Kaeden Larte was inspired by E.K. Johnston’s novel and was part of Coe-Lilium’s Inktober challenge.

Connect with Coe-Lilium – Tumblr

Phraggle – “Ahsoka Tano (Post-Clone Wars)”

'Ahsoka Tano (Post-Clone Wars)' (Image credit: Phraggle)

‘Ahsoka Tano (Post-Clone Wars)’ (Image credit: Phraggle)

And our last piece this week is by American artist Nick Bondra, aka Phraggle, and depicts Ahsoka in her post-Clone Wars outfit, the same one seen on the novel’s cover art.

Connect with Phraggle – DeviantArt


Looking for more Ahsoka Tano fan art? Then click on Fan Art Friday for a full archive of featured art works!

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