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5 Adorable Ahsoka Tano Crochet Figures

Our eyes can't repel cuteness of this magnitude!

Spend an hour or two browsing through the DeviantArt website and you’re bound to stumble upon some incredible works of art by fellow Star Wars fans.

And we’re not just talking about traditional sketches or digital art. Some fans express their love for the franchise through wood carving. Some do it by taking photographs of their prized action figures. And others turn to crochet.

The art of crocheting small stuffed figures is increasingly referred to by its Japanese name, amigurumi (あみぐるみ), within certain hobby circles but whatever you call it, it’s hard to resist the allure of its super-cute aesthetic.

Even characters from that galaxy far, far away have been given the amigurumi treatment, including a certain Lady Tano.

 1 – ArtisticGaming

Ahsoka Tano amigurumi doll by ArtisticGaming

Image credit: ArtisticGaming

Crochet enthusiast Bobbi runs a site and web business, ArtisticGaming, devoted to her hobby and has made crochet dolls based on characters from a wide variety of video game, fantasy, and sci-fi franchises. You can see more of her work over on her DeviantArt profile and website.


2 – DuaeDesigns

Ahsoka Tano amigurumi doll by DuaeDesigns

Image credit: DuaeDesigns

This Ahsoka doll by DuaeDesigns may be tiny but she’s no less fierce or determined than her regular-sized counterpart. Standing at just over 3 inches tall, this hand-crafted doll is available for purchase over at DuaeDesign’s Etsy store.


3 – TheCrochetDoctor

Ahsoka Tano crochet doll by TheCrochetDoctor

Image credit: TheCrochetDoctor

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle TheCrochetDoctor’s adorable Clone Wars-era Ahsoka Tano doll? You can find more of TheCrochetDoctor’s work over on her DeviantArt profile.



4 – Sasophie

Ahsoka Tano crochet plushie by Sasophie

Image credit: Sasophie

Hobbyist Sophie (Sasophie) has made numerous custom crochet dolls over the years, including this 18-inch tall Ahsoka Tano crochet plushie.

Want her to create a custom plushie for you or a friend? Then head on over to her Etsy store for more information!


5 – tinyAlchemy

Ahsoka Tano amigurumi doll by tinyAlchemy

Image credit: tinyAlchemy

This early Clone Wars-era Ahsoka Tano crochet doll was designed by Ksenia (tinyAlchemy) and features poseable arms and legs as well as the Padawan’s trademark lightsaber.

If you’d like to have a go at making your own doll, the pattern is available for purchase over at Ksenia’s Etsy store.

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