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Fan Art Friday #6

Featured Ahsoka Tano fan art for Friday 27th May 2016

Every Friday, we turn the spotlight on some of the most impressive works of Ahsoka Tano fan art on the internet.

Our featured artists this week are DarthTemoc, Offworldtrooper, and Mono-Owl. Feel free to check out their artist profiles to see more of their work!

DarthTemoc – “Winged Hope”

"Winged Hope" (Image credit: DarthTemoc)

“Winged Hope” (Image credit: DarthTemoc)

It may be a while before we find out what really happened to Ahsoka Tano at the end of “Twilight of the Apprentice”.

Artist DarthTemoc speculates that the mysterious convor seen in the closing scene is The Daughter of Mortis and believes that “The Force is not created nor destroyed, just transformed”.

Offworldtrooper – “Ahsoka Bounty Hunter”

"Ahsoka Bounty Hunter" (Image credit: Offworldtrooper)

“Ahsoka Bounty Hunter” (Image credit: Offworldtrooper)

Before Star Wars Rebels was announced, many fans wondered what had become of Ahsoka Tano. Some fans, like Offworldtrooper, imagined a future where she’d put her unique skill set to good use…as a bounty hunter.

Mono-Owl – “Biker Girl Ahsoka”

"Biker Girl Ahsoka" (Image credit: Mono-Owl)

“Biker Girl Ahsoka” (Image credit: Mono-Owl)

Last but not least, this work of fan art by Mono-Owl is inspired by the Clone Wars season 7 “biker” outfit revealed at last year’s Celebration.

Although the outfit was never used on the series itself, it can be seen here and in the promo art for the upcoming Ahsoka novel.


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