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15 Amazing Ahsoka Tano Black Series Figure Photo Shoots

A selection of the best action figure photography featuring the Black Series Ahsoka Tano figure

To the uninitiated, action figure photography may seem like child’s play. Just grab a camera (or smartphone), position the action figure in an interesting pose, and take the shot. It’s that simple. Right?


While anyone can indulge in some amateur toy photography in their spare time, it takes a tremendous amount of skill, creativity, and, yes, perhaps even some photo editing software to compose shots that will draw the viewers’ attention to the subjects depicted and, more importantly, make them forget that they’re actually just looking at a bunch of toys.

Action figure photographers may spend countless hours experimenting with lighting, aperture settings, filters, and equipment in order to capture the right mood and atmosphere in their shots. And, boy, can it yield some amazing results.

Here are 15 examples of outstanding action figure photography featuring the Hasbro Black Series 6-inch Ahsoka Tano figure that can currently be found on Instagram.


And, finally, I encourage readers to check out The Fwoosh’s Black Series Ahsoka Tano review for more incredible photos of her and Kanan Jarrus in action. You won’t be disappointed.

If you’d like to try your hand at action figure photography, check out this Discover Digital Photography article or Nerditis’ article Life in Plastic: How to Take Good Toy Photos (Without Spending Any Money).


Have you taken some great photos of your Ahsoka Tano figure? If so, let us know in the comments section below as we’d be happy to share your work across our social media channels!

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